Google Sets HTTPS Deadline

| 2018-06-06

Google Sets HTTPS Deadline
Google has announced a deadline for July 2018 that it will start warning users if a site is insecure.

You might wonder if it really matters if a site is HTTP or HTTPS and the answer is, it matters alot.

If your website is already secured, you have nothing to worry about. However, if your site isn't secured, you will want to make sure you work on fixing this. Chrome will clearly warn its users if a site isn't secure. The majority of people will not visit a secure website in fear of their data being stolen, computer being hacked, etc. Even though your website is more than likely innocent of any potential danger, it will hurt your sites search result and visits.

The main purpose of a website if for your business to be found, sell or promote your products or services. If you are penalized by google and users can't find your site online, what is the purpose of it? Elements of digital marketing have evolved and having a secure site is just a new normality that we need to adapt to. 

There are a handful paths you can take to make sure your site is secure and it can be a bit overwhelming.