By: Alexandra Akkerman

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How to install Gmail on iPhone, Outlook or other email clients using IMAP

By: Alexandra Akkerman

If you are not using Gsuit and most probably using Gmail to send emails from a non-gmail account, then you might wonder how to connect with IMAP Gmail to other mail clients like Outlook and send emails with your @domain. email account and not @gmail.
How to install Gmail on iPhone, Outlook or other email clients using IMAP

To do so:

1. In Gmail, go to 'Settings'

2. Forwarding  and POP/IMAP

3. Under 'IMAP access' Enable IMAP


4. Hit 'Learn More' to get to the 'Change SMTP...' section and keep this page open, you will need this information shortly


5. On another tab, head to 'Google Account' by clicking on the user icon

6. Under 'Security' scroll down to the 'Less secure app access' section and enable access


7. Head to your new email client like Outlook, Thunderbird or mail for iOS and add an account using POP or IMAP settings. In this case choose IMAP.

8. Enter the information from Step 6 in the correct inputs

NOTE: if you are sending emails from your proffessional email address on Gmail (not Gsuit) and you do not want to send emails from, on this step add Email address as and the username .
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9. Head to the advanced tab to input the correct ports (always use SSL/TLS encryption)

10. Outgoing Server tab, check the 'requires authentication' box and 'use the same settings as the incoming mail server'

11. Once completed, hit 'OK' to complete the connections to your accounts



This example is based on Outlook (How to setup a POP / IMAP account on the new Microsoft Outlook 365?) but the same steps apply to othe mail clients.

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