Captcha XP with printCaptchaXP()

How to use Captcha XP using the printCaptchaXP() function
Captcha XP with printCaptchaXP()
Captcha XP with printCaptchaXP()

The printCaptchaXP() will automatically echo the rendered html, no need to place echo before the function. It accepts 3 parameters that are optional, $col1, $col2 and $input.

These parameters have the following default values

printCaptchaXP($col1 = "col-6 floatLeft", $col2= "col-6 floatLeft", $input = '')

$col1 is where the captcha image is shwon as for $col2 is where the input is shown. the $input variable assigns a class directly on the input.

The result are two columns wrapped in a clearFix parent. If youhave multiple captchas in the same page and for some reason you need to identify them, each will have an id, the image will have the id capXP+"n" where n starts at 0, and the reload button will have the id recaptchaxp+"n".

The input that is submitted has the name="c_captchaxp"

Example of a rendered code:

  <div class="clearFix">
    <div class="'.$col1.'">
       <div style="height:100%; width:calc(100% - 10px); margin:0 5px" class="bbox">
         <img src="" id="capXP'.$captchaCount.'" title="Are you human?" 
          alt="human check" class="img-responsive capXP" style="object-fit:fill"/>
    <div class="'.$col2.'">
       <input class="'.$input.'" type="text" name="c_captchaxp" required 
       placeholder="'.$current_lang->translate(array('fr:Code de vérification*',
       'en:Verification code*','es:Código de verificación*')).'"/>
   <small class="grey"><span class="recaptchaxp" id="recaptchaxp'.$captchaCount.'" 
   style="font-size:12px; cursor:pointer"> <i class="fas fa-redo" ></i> reload CAPTCHA XP </span>
   <span style="font-size:11px"><i class="fas fa-lock-alt"></i> secured by 
   <a href="" style="color:unset" title="web development">
   Multimedia XP</a></small>






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