Montreal Web design and Web Development, Real Web Design, no templates

Montreal Web design and Web Development, Real Web Design, no templates

Multimedia Solutions and Consulting is a Web design - Web development company in Montreal, we specialize in web applications and tailored developments without the use of WordPress or templates. proudly

That's right, unfortunately, 99% of web design companies claim to design and create websites, the truth is they purchase templates for few a bucks and sell them back to you for a few K.

Multimedia Solutions and Consulting (AKA Multimedia XP) was founded in 2008 as the result of a high demand from our clients to help them build a professional solution after a bad experience with previous web designers using templates.

Our clients constantly needed a company that will provide precise solutions that cover their needs and we deliver. We will not try to find a pre-build plug-in that will offer a similar solution, we will develop the exact application that our client requires, that is the difference of choosing between us and our competitors.  After so many years of development, we have created a solid framework and a powerful Content Management System (CMS).

We will never use free CMS or templates like WordPress or Joomla that are too complicated to use for regular users, our Framework and CMS (KAS) are tailored to each project allowing our clients to easily manage their websites without any previous experience.

As a web development company, we also offer a big range of other services listed below, not only Canada but also in the USA, Mexico and constantly expanding.