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Our Most recent and current Web Development Projects

We have a huge list of clients and previous developments that goes back to 2008. These are just a few of the latest projects that were published in the last months.

Be the best-dressed person in the room

Progreso Industrial JSP

Web Development.


Under Construction

Halder Group

Under Construciton

Elite Speed Dating

Under Construction


Resposnive Web design / CMS

Alquila Seguro

Responsive Web Design, CMS, Contact Forms, Online Pricing

Impact Sante+

Web Development, Graphic Design, E-commerce, Wholesale online store, Responsive Web Design, CRM, CMS


Web Development, E-Commerce, CRM, Responsive Web Design, Amazon API, Online Payments


Web Development, Web Design, CMS, CRM, Dispatcher System, Shipping Operations System


E-commerce, Android App, iPhone App, Responsive Web Design

Sunbrero Sunscreen

E-commerce, Graphic Design, Online Payments, CMS, CRM, Invoicing System

Mache Mtl

Web design, Responsive Website, CMS, Online Menu

The Finer Cookie

Adwords Marketing, e-commerce, CMS, web development


Web Development, CMS, CRM, Job Listing System, Manage Job Applications, SEO

Larus Jeweler

Web Design, SEO, Mass mailing, CMS, e-commerce


SEO, booking management system, web development, logo, mass mailing, marketing

Cuisines Alpin

Responsive Design , SEO. Web Design, CMS

Grandes Suplementos

Web Design, SEO, Mass mailing, CMS, e-commerce


Web Design, SEO, Mass mailing, CMS, e-commerce

Sound Morph

Web Design, CMS, CRM, e-commerce

Elna Dentaire

SEO, Web Design, CMS, CRM

Tradent Global Solutions

Corporate web design, CRM, CMS, Responsive / mobile web integration

Eric Carriere Photographe

Photography portfolio web design, local SEO, resposive design

BNI Networking Cruise

Promotional Landing Page, Responsive design, Web Development

Voyages Destination

Web development, SEO, CMS, CRM, Marketting, mass mailing, web design, lead generation, logo

Clock Work Motorcycles

Web Design, CMS, Responsive Site

Pietracupa Construction

Web Design, SEO and CMS

Carpenter Ants Exterminator

Promotional Landing Page Website, SEO, SEM, Adwords Marketing

Knive Eight

Website Hosting Service, File backups and transfer

Chic Chat Chien

Landing Page Web design - promotional page for local marketing with SEO

Rola Hamdan - Courtier Hypothecaire

Web development, Marketing, Adwords, SEM, Search Engine Optimization

Exterminateur fourmis Charpentieres

Bilingual Promotional Website, SEO, SEM, Adwords Marketing


Business Services

Immigration Plein Ciel


Georgia Fun Erotic Cakes

Web Integration and Design - CMS - Web Image Gallery


Web design, mass mailing marketing, CMS

Rocket Sport

E-business, web design and e-commerce, CMS, CRM, online sales

Layman Tour &Transport

Website re-design, Wordpress migration, SEO, CMS, responsive design, quoting system

Bon Appétit NG

E-commerce, Online Food Orders, responsive web design, CRM, CMS

Go Tailored Travel

Wordpress Migration, web design improvement, SEO, social media marketing, mass mailing, CMS

Excavation Pro-Mat

Web Design, CMS, responsive design

Eidinger & Associates

Web Design - Under Construction landing page, Responsive, PDF downloads, CMS


Website re-design and migration from wordpress, SEO, CMS, responsive design

Moplex - Buy paper online

e-commerce, Responsive Web Design, SEO, CMS, CRM

Les assurance Eduardo Soto

CRM, mass mailing, web design, CMS, Responsive design

Massage Therapy Alexis

Single Page Web design, CMS, SEO

Casa Duro

Responsive Web Design , CMS, Web Development

The Mount Royal Club

Responsive web design, CMS, CRM, Membership system

Festive Creations

e-commerce, Web development, CMS, CRM, Web design

Lysa Lash

Web development, CMS, CRM

Clear Mounts

SEO, e-commerce, Web Design, CMS

Roseman Troittier - Courtier Immobilier

Centris Integration, Web Design , CMS, Property Management


Web Design, CMS, Responsive Design

Traiteur Angela

SEO, e-commerce, Web Design, CMS

Grillades Pronto

e-commerce, Web Design, CMS

Le Parisien

Web Design, SEO, CMS, Screen Displays

Notaire Gabriel

Web Design, CMS, web development

Sound Candies

Web Developmnt, CRM, CMS, web design

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