How Do I Know When I Need to Redesign My Website?

How Do I Know When I Need to Redesign My Website?
How Do I Know When I Need to Redesign My Website?

Just as all technologies are in a state of continual transformation, so is the world of web design and development. We always seeing changes, everything from site functionalities to design trends. Social media and community interactions are also having a huge influence on how websites function and the interactive experiences for the end-user. Do you feel your site needs a new look or refresh? Is your site mobile friendly? Have you had your website hacked? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, here’s four more important questions to consider when making a decision to do a redesign on your website.


1. Do I have a site responsiveness web design?

    With over 50% of Internet traffic is coming from tablets and smartphones, Google gives priority to responsive sites. With this growth in mobile devices, you need to make sure your website is mobile compatible, but also mobile enhanced. 


2. Is my website SEO optimized?

    If you don’t think SEO is important for your  web site and your business, think again. When was the last time you used the yellow pages to find a product or service? A good web designer and developer is also well versed in SEO. They make sure that your site is coded correctly; the content is relevant with titles, descriptions, and keywords.


3. Is my website converting visitors into clients?

    The basic question you need to ask yourself is my website showing my users what they want. Is the conversion funnel on your website converting visitors into clients? The best way to improve your sales funnel is to dig deep into analytics and then have the design optimized.


4. Is my site secure?

    It’s a jungle out there! Website security is a big cat-and-mouse game. If you have any concerns about your site or if your site has been hacked, you need to make sure that you have a web developer on board who is on top of his or her game with the latest defenses and patches to deal with this ever continuing problem. 


In conclusion, if your choice works out for optimizing or starting all over again, make sure you take the time to review everything thoroughly. And, center your decision on what is going to give you the best outcome.


This article was provided by Melanie Chursinoff, a web content writer from Montreal.



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