Gmail is Down! and other mobile services were affected.

Today March 12 2019, at around 10:08 pm central time, Google and other app services, like Google drive suffered global outages, is this the beginning of the apocalypse?
Gmail is Down! and other mobile  services were affected.

We first noticed that Outlook was not connecting to Gmail with the regular IMAP connection, Outlook was constatntly asking for a password, but  sometimes would work and sometimes not, then after accessing Gmail directly, we noticed that the profile picture was not showing (broken link) and the signature was also not showing any images. Thats when we knew something was wrong.

For a while sending emails was returning an error message and attachements were not accessible at all.

Finally at around 10:30pm Google made a statement that Gmail and Google Drive were having isssues and they were working on it.


The Guardian said: Users in Australia, the US, Europe and Asia report problems as Google says applications are experiencing ‘issues’

According to, the problem was world wide with the most insidents in North Amercia