Want faster WiFi? Here are 5 easy tips!

Eduardo Ponce de Leon | 2016-02-19

Want faster WiFi? Here are 5 easy tips!
Your Wifi is too slow? The way you position your router can make a huge difference on how strong your signal is!

Some people called me crazy when I said that every time I was using the microwave my WiFi was down, and it is true. this has to do by how and where our router is placed. Here are some steps on:

How to get fatser and better WiFi signal.


1) Position your router on a central and open space. No walls around.

2) Do not putting on the floor, 

3) Keep your router away from other electronics

4) If your router has two antennas, put one in horizontal position and the other one vertical. if it only has one put it on a diagonal position.

5) Measure your signal strenght, there are many  apps for Android or Iphone, move your router around seeking for the best place that gives the best signal.